Meet The Guide: Daniel Koupermann

“Having a proper attitude towards a journey is essential. If we make a journey properly, then everything we encounter is considered part of it. We are fully involved in the process of journeying, rather than being fixated on our destination.” Ozel Tendrin

Our trips in are designed to deliver the experience of a lifetime. Our guides offer the traveler the opportunity to participate in our culture, our history, and our humanity in a most extraordinary way. We promise to take you to places most visitors never have the chance to see.

Our itineraries do not follow the standard “tourist routes”. We have designed our trips to allow our travelers to get to know the real culture, on a very intimate level. The people, the landscapes, the climates, the smells and the colors all unite harmonically, permitting total enjoyment of the trip in every dimension.

“All our journeys are rhapsodies on a theme of discovery. We travel as seekers after answers we cannot find at home, and soon find that a change of climate is easier than a change of heart.” Phil Cousineau

Daniel Koupermann, one of Ecuador’s eco-tourism pioneers, belongs to an old family of hoteliers and tourism guides. Having studied business and hotel management, he has dedicated his whole life to developing alternative tourism programs.

Being fascinated by the Amazon and the indigenous cultures, he has worked extensively with the Achuar people who live in the remote rainforest of southeast Ecuador. Daniel has spent the last 30 years establishing close relationships with this indigenous group – designing and building the world-renown Kapawi Eco-Lodge & Reserve in the Lower Pastaza River and assisting the Achuar in building their own aviation service – Aerotsentsak.

In addition he has close ties with most of the well-known Ecuadorian shamans and has been leading shamanic-learning trips for many years in both the Andes and Amazonian regions of Ecuador. In the last few years Daniel has expanded his itineraries to include the indigenous cultures of Guatemala (Mayan) and Peru (Inca). Through his contacts in both these countries he has developed close relationships with local Tatas (Guatemalan shamans) and Taitas (Peruvian shamans).

In the Galapagos Islands Daniel works with yacht operators and has developed a unique travel and adventure program on Isabela Island. His extensive interest and knowledge of the natural and human history of this unique area allows him to give the visitor a very personal view of these incredible islands.

At times, Daniel may call upon other professional guides to assist him with special requests from travelers (for example, horseback riding or mountain climbing in the Andes and scuba diving at the Coast or in the Galapagos Islands).

etv-aff-esacedoEnrique Sacedo was born in old Quito and lived almost his whole life in the historical center of the city. His knowledge of colonial art and architecture is extensive.

He studied Hotel Management at the University of Kentucky, studied Anthropology at the Medical School of the University of Paris, and art at the School of Arts in Malaga, Spain. He and his wife, Jovanna, own a beautiful old hacienda outside of Quito, which they have restored and made into a charming bed and breakfast. He speaks English, French and Spanish.

etv-aff-jwoolfsonJosé Woolfson studied Organic Biological Agriculture in Germany. An expert on the Anglo-Saxon culture, his ability to accurately explain and contextualize the political, economic and cultural processes of Latin-American is his strength.

He has been leading German speaking groups in Ecuador since 1997. His knowledge of botany, zoology, geography and history, in addition to his gentle nature, make him an amazing host. He speaks German and Spanish.

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