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“Traveling is like falling in love, the world is made new again.” Jan Myndal

Andean Paths welcomes you to the heart and soul of Central and South America. We are a company that is committed to offering our clients a “journey of a lifetime”. Through the experience and knowledge of the staff at Andean Paths, you will be immersed in the wonder and beauty of Central and South America culture.

Andean Paths is owned by Daniel Koupermann, one of the first developers of ecotourism in Ecuador. The designer and builder of Kapawi Eco-Lodge ( in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin, Daniel has over 30 years of experience with the Achuar people of that region. He has developed strong relationships with most of the leaders and the powerful shamans in Achuar territory. In addition, he has been involved with yacht operations in the Galapagos Islands, the development of a community-based tourism program on Isabela Island and the implementation of a condor-viewing program in Cajas National Park. He is the former president of Fundacion Pachamama, the Ecuadorian arm of The Pachamama Alliance in the United States, ( which is a well-known non-profit organization which works with the indigenous groups in the Amazonian Region of Ecuador and Peru.

Since 2012 Daniel has been co-leading trips to Guatemala and Colombia with New York Times best-selling author, John Perkins ( The journeys delve deeply into the indigenous culture and spirituality of the Mayans in Guatemala and the Incas in Peru.

We invite you to join us on one (or more) of our once-in-a-lifetime journeys!

“Initially we travel to lose ourselves, in the end we find ourselves.” Michael Stone, 2005 traveler

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